Everyone can join in

It doesn’t matter what shape, size or age you are. Whether you’ve been active in the past or you’re an absolute beginner. If you’re rubbish or completely brilliant… anyone can join in. Whoever you are, the main thing is that you’re doing something.

If you don’t have any other serious conditions you should be able to join in and feel good without any problems. If you’re not very active at the moment, just take your time and follow the advice on our getting started page. Our Top Tips to get active is a good place to find some activities that almost anyone can do, regardless of ability.

Even if you have a young family

If you have a young family, being active can give you extra energy to keep up with your little rascals. You can even get your kids to join in and use some of their energy in a healthy, fun way. This will also help your children develop healthy habits that will stay with them for the rest of their life.
We understand that time can be tight and life can be stressful with a young family in particular, but being active can fit into your schedule and be an incredible stress-reliever. 

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Even if you have a long-term health condition

If you have a long-term condition like COPD, heart disease or diabetes, being more active can be a great, safe way to help manage your condition and feel stronger. Doing activities like walking and other light exercise should be fine, but if you have any worries please speak to your healthcare team.

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Even if you’re pregnant

If you’re pregnant, being active is a fantastic way to keep off any unnecessary weight and help make giving birth easier. It can also make you more comfortable during pregnancy, help you sleep and lift your mood. Pregnancy isn’t a reason not to be active; it’s a reason to join in!

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Even if you’re not as young as you used to be

If you haven’t been active in a long time, there are lots of activities that you can join in with. There may be some activities that you need to avoid, but activities like walking, swimming, bowls and yoga are just a few things that you can join in with whatever age you are.

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Even if you have a disability

If you’re disabled, you can still enjoy all the benefits of being active, you might just need to find an activity that suits you and your disability. If you’re not sure it can be a good idea to ask your healthcare team for help with this.

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Even if you’re overweight

If you’re overweight, being active can seem out of reach at first but if you take things slowly and follow our advice you could really feel the benefit. If you also follow a healthy eating plan which features a reduction in daily calories, you could also lose weight too. Activities like walking and swimming are a good place to start. Visit our activities page to see if any other activities suit your needs.