"I do activity at home because it’s a fun way to look after myself and my family.”

By Naheed, 50, from Allerton

Naheed struggled with high cholesterol until she decided to get active and change her life for the better. Now she’s reduced her cholesterol, boosted her energy levels and become a great role model for her children.

Losing her mum was a real turning point for Naheed. This made her stop and think about her life and realise that she needed to start looking after herself more and make the most out of life. She took inspiration from her family, and started cycling and being more active at home, including online yoga twice a week, an aerobic session and a dance session.

The friendly competition she has with her husband has been a good motivator for Naheed. They push each other, walking together and inspiring one another to keep active.

As a result of being more physically active in and around her home, she now feels happier, calmer and more in control of her weight.

Naheed’s advice:

“Being more active is something really positive that you can do to improve your own life, but the affect it can have on the people around you is also really important. I love being a role model for my children and find it really fulfilling to help other people like me get involved.”