Where do I start?

We understand that the first step can often feel like the hardest. There’s just so much to choose from and this can make it difficult to pick an activity that feels right for you. But don’t worry, with our help we’re confident you’ll be able to find something you feel comfortable about starting with.

If you’re not very active at the moment we’d suggest starting small, this should help get you started without putting too much pressure on yourself. Starting with short 10-minute bursts of activity is a good idea. Try going for a 10-minute walk, dance like nobody’s watching in your living room or a short burst of armchair exercise.

If you’d rather try something more active or with friends, visit our activities page for handy information about all sorts of activities. This includes advice on cost, location and fitness level.

Once you get moving you should start to feel the benefits and see how easy it can be to fit activity into your daily life.

If you’re still not sure where to start, why not take a look at our ‘Is being active the right fit for me?’ quiz and see how active you are now. This will help you understand how active you are now and give you some personalised advice about starting out or increasing the amount of activity you do.