Liverpool Active Workplaces

The Liverpool Active Workplace Toolkit has been developed to support employers in promoting the benefits of physical activity to employees.  It brings together best practice and demonstrates the benefits for employers in developing an active workforce.  The Toolkit includes lots of ideas that employers can try to enable employees to become more active - all are designed to be low cost, quick and simple to implement!

 Benefits of an active workforce:

  • Better Morale and Lower Staff Turnover
  • Improved Productivity, Teamwork and Communication
  • Absenteeism reduced by up to 20%
  • Demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility

Ref: British Heart Foundation’s Health at Work - Economic Evidence Report for Workplace Health (2016)

The Toolkit is supported by the Fit for Me campaign ‘inspiring everyone living and working in Liverpool to become more active’ and will be available for download after 11am on 20th March 2018.

For further information about the Toolkit, please contact the Physical Activity & Sport Development team at or on 0151 233 4259.

If you are looking for additional practical tips for keeping your workforce active, MSP have created some really useful videos for how you can fit 10 minutes of activity into your working day.  Why not visit the youtube site and check them out?

Liverpool Active Workplace Toolkit

The Toolkit has been developed as part of the Liverpool Active Workplace Programme, which ran throughout 2017 as part of the Liverpool Active City Strategy programme – it provided support to employers to encourage their staff to improve their physical activity levels.