Ambassador Posters for Print

Print ready A4 posters displaying the new Fit For Me Ambassadors. 

New Ambassador Carol A4

Carol is 56 years old and is from Speke in Liverpool. Despite being registered blind, Carol doesn’t let anything stop her. She’s changed her life for the better by walking more, going to fitness classes and quitting smoking, which has helped her to lose weight and make new friends.


New Ambassador James A4

James is 48 years old and is from Woolton in Liverpool. James’ back and knee pain can make it hard for him to get active, but by sticking to low impact activities, like swimming and cycling, he’s able to enjoy an active life without injuring himself.


New Ambassador Dola A4

Dola is 57 years old and is from Fazakerley in Liverpool. Being more active has made a huge difference to Dola’s life. She’s gone from being on the edge of diabetes to living a healthy, active lifestyle. Now she sleeps better, has more energy and has lost weight too!


New Ambassador Patricia A4

Patricia is 63 years old and is from Liverpool City Centre. Patricia used tai chi and dance as a way to ease her recovery from stress. Doing these activities regularly helps her feel calmer, stronger and more alert. Plus, she didn’t start until she was 52, so it’s never too late to join in.


New Ambassador Naheed A4

Naheed is 50 years old and is from Allerton in Liverpool. Naheed struggled with really high cholesterol until she decided to get active and change her life for the better. Now she’s reduced her cholesterol, boosted her energy levels and become a great role model for her children.


New Ambassador Kerry Marie A4

Kerry Marie is 44 years old and is from Garston in Liverpool. Kerry Marie often found her busy life completely exhausting until she found the confidence to join her local running club. This has helped her make some beautiful new friendships and given her more energy to have fun with her four kids.