Aaron - Inclusive Activities Ambassador

Aaron has been attending sessions through Mencap for a few years and really enjoys them. Some activities he takes part in are tennis, cricket, softball and Aaron even records a podcast in his spare time!

Aaron explains that “the social side of taking part in physical activity is a big positive for him”.

Aaron said “I would really struggle with my mental health if it wasn’t for activities like these”

This shows the positive impact that physical activity can have on an individual’s mental wellbeing as well as their physical wellbeing.

Aaron likes the competitiveness of activities he takes part in as well. He finds this motivates him to take part against his peers.

Aaron has had a tough couple of years, and has had some really low points but having the opportunity too and being able to take part in different physical activities has really helped him get through the tough times.

“Being disabled does not have to limit what activities you take part in, there is something for everyone to enjoy”