Naheed - 10-minute motivations

"Being Active has given me physical stamina. I've become fitter, calmer and more patient – I have a better quality of life"

By Naheed, 51, from Allerton

As a mum-of-four and full-time carer, Naheed found it difficult to motivate herself to keep fit.
It was when Naheed turned 40 that she began to take stock of her life. She was overweight, unfit and struggling with high cholesterol: “It didn’t help when I lost my own mum. She was only 60, a nurse who seemed very fit - her dying was a wake-up call for me."

Realising she needed to take greater care of herself Naheed decided to start exercising – just a little at first in the house, then slowly increasing it to cycling, keep fit classes and generally being more active at home.
Now she challenges herself daily to exercise to ensure she keeps reaping the rewards: “I do two classes a week now, one of them a hi-intensity aerobics class, the other Zumba. I’ve stopped using the car so often and taken to walking more instead.

“I started an exercise CD in the summer for some fresh ideas but generally I am constantly on the go. I never keep still - even when brushing my teeth I kick my legs up and down!"

And she is really noticing the benefits to her and her family; I’ve lost weight, my heart-rate has gone down and my cholesterol levels are reduced. I don’t have the aches and pains I used to have and I’m feeling healthier and stronger. “But it’s not just the physical benefits that matter, it’s the mental ones too. I am so much more positive.”
“I am setting a good example to my children – my oldest son has just qualified as a personal trainer and swimming teacher. He is even helping my daughter to stay fit and teaching his little brother to swim. There is also great friendly rivalry now between me and my husband who has always been very fit.

Naheed’s advice

“I walk to school and back with my son and try and do a 25-minute walk in 15, I do 10-minute workouts just sitting watching TV, either sit-ups or running up and down the stairs in the ad-breaks, you can fit it in, just do something."