Tony's story - living with Cancer

Tony, Cancer, age 72

 Tony was not active before his prostate cancer diagnosis in 2014. After hearing a talk about physical activity, and the benefits it can have in cancer recovery, Tony decided to change his lifestyle to a healthier one. He learned that post treatment, exercise is beneficial and can help with recovery.


Shortly after this he started the ‘Move More’ programme insert, which encouraged Tony to take part in more activities as well as the rehab session itself.

As a result of taking part in more physical activity, Tony lost 4 stone, completed parkrun for the first time and then progressed onto doing longer runs.

Tony is still part of a cancer rehab session, Keep Moving Cancer Support, and finds that being part of a group, with like-minded people coming together, helps with his recovery. The session means there is no emphasis on going to the gym, with the focus being on a group environment, where everyone can rely on each other for support.

Tony's Advice

‘I wish I had started a lot earlier, to make positive changes to my lifestyle and be active to benefit my health and wellbeing.