"I ride my bike because it eases my joint pains and helps me sleep better.”

By James, 48, from Woolton, Liverpool

James’ back and knee pain can make it hard for him to get active, but by sticking to low impact activities, like swimming and cycling, he’s able to enjoy an active life without injuring himself.

At the age of 21, James discovered that he had severe back and knee issues which he was told would only get worse as he got older. With his family also having a history of arthritis, he was keen to do whatever he could to reduce pain and prevent further problems in the future.

James finds the combination of swimming and cycling do him a world of good. These activities not only help him to self-medicate his condition but they also make him feel happier and more alert in his daily life. Since he started being more active, James has made lots of new friends.

The support and friendship he shares with his fellow cyclists in particular, has boosted his self-esteem and added some extra positivity to his life.

Jame’s advice:

“Being active can be quite scary at first if you have joint pains, but finding an activity that you’re comfortable with can really help you to move more freely. Low impact activities like swimming and cycling are a great place to start. Remember to take it slow, go at your own pace and you should start to feel a positive difference.”