“I play football because it helps me clear my head, stay healthy and have a laugh.”

By Des, 49, from Childwall, Liverpool

Initially, Des started playing football to help him keep fit but as time’s gone by, it’s become a way for him to relax, make loads of new friends and enjoy some of Liverpool’s great green spaces.

Des has a hectic job and family life, with two young children Isaac, 8 and Olivia, 5, keeping him very busy. As an older dad, Des wanted to improve his health so he has the energy to run around after his children.

Having always enjoying football, Des liked the idea of taking part in a team activity. It’s time that he can spend with his friends, relaxing and having fun.  His weekly game of football gets him out of the house for a bit and has helped his mental health and wellbeing too.

Being active was particularly helpful when his children were born, as it gave him the opportunity to share his experiences and let his friends pass on some advice, as well as the ball. This all helps keep Des physically and mentally at the top of his game. The sense of community and togetherness of playing a team sport greatly appeals to Des. 

As well as playing football, Des also ensures his children are active. His son Isaac swims every week and his daughter Olivia is the undisputed penalty taking champion in her school! 

Des’ advice:

“Liverpool’s parks and green spaces are a really great place to come together.  My family loves Sefton Park, its lovely to see so many families playing and spending quality time together. So get down to your local park, meet people and enjoy life.   Sport, like music is a connector. You don’t have to be good at it, it brings people together, there aren’t any barriers. I like the banter that you get from having 22 men together playing football! It’s a release from my day-to-day working life and breaks my week in two and is accessible for everyone.   It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as long as you enjoy yourself. So let’s get out and get active together in Liverpool!”