“I love outdoor swimming because it keeps the weight off and helps manage my diabetes.”

By Dan, 57, from Mossley Hill, Liverpool

Dan was never very sporty, but swimming helps him manage his diabetes without medication. Being more active has given him the strength and confidence to get out there and try new things. 

Dan has a family history of diabetes, but never really thought too much about how exercise and losing weight could help him avoid the need to use medication. This all changed when he went on an NHS 6-week course, which taught him all about the importance of looking after yourself and staying healthy with diabetes.

A story about a man losing his leg to diabetes particularly resonated with Dan and was a key motivation in his weight loss over the following months. He openly admits that losing weight is difficult but he believes all the benefits make it worth it.

 Being more active has put a real spring in Dan’s step. He feels happier, more energetic, has lost weight and most importantly, he has his diabetes under control without the need for medication.

 Dan’s story is a great example for anyone who’s never been keen on sports but wants to do something positive for themselves. After trying a number of different activities, Dan discovered that swimming was the right fit for him.

Dan’s advice:

“At school I didn’t like sports and never really had any interest in P.E. or things like that, but it’s different when you’re older. You’re in control of the activities you do and can go at your own pace. There’s lots of activities to try and who knows, you might find something that you really enjoy.”

He loves swimming (outdoor or indoor) as it gives him the chance to clear his head and just get out there and motor! Dan never knew how good he was before he started but now most people would struggle to keep up with him in the open water.