Activities for people with a health condition

Find a local provider who can provide an activity that will benefit your health condition. If you’ve been advised to limit your activity levels by a healthcare professional or are feeling unwell, please seek further advice before taking part.

For more information and advice please call 0151 233 6366 to speak to one of the Physical Activity and Sports Development team members. Alternatively please email 

Low intensity activities

These providers offer activities that will be suit you if you are just starting to exercise.

Low to medium intensity activities

For when you are ready to step up a level.

           Walking Football

           Womens Refugee Football

           Stand Together

          Royal Blues

          Kick Cancer Rehabilitation Programme

          Welcome Through Football

          Veterans Programme

          Veterans Hub

          Imagine Your Goals

  • Healthiness Limited- exercise classes 
  • Health Walk at Newsham Park
  • Get Going! Running, walking and cycling routes in Liverpool Parks - call 0151 233 6366 
  • England Netball
  • Tennis Sessions (Sefton Park)now underway on Thursdays at 10am! There is coaching followed by social play. You can also stay for a coffee in the café after the session. For more information please contact David

For more activities, including home based and group sessions please click here.