“I do Zumba because it makes me feel more positive and confident.”

By Betty, 42, from Penny Lane, Liverpool

Betty hasn’t always been the positive and confident person that we see today. Being more active has taken Betty on a remarkable journey of empowerment, achievement and personal success.

In 2014 Betty was very overweight. She was unhealthy and struggling with a number of other health issues. She’s always been comfortable in herself and although she always felt that she looked good, she didn’t feel good.

Then something changed. Betty decided to change her life for the better. She started walking, then running in her local park and signed up for some classes at her local Lifestyles Aquatics Centre.

With the help of an instructor, Betty developed an activity plan to fit around her life and work for her. She’s worked her way up to doing around 8 hours of activity a week now, including a mixture of walking, Zumba, spinning and ‘Legs, Bums and Tums’. Since then she’s lost an incredible 2.5 stones and never looked back. She’s moving forward, feeling good and getting on with life.

Her friends and family have all seen first-hand just how much more confident, out-going and calmer she is, especially when she’s handling the pressures of her day-to-day life. Betty also loves how she feels happier, stronger and more willing to try new things.

Betty’s keen to help others in her community enjoy all the benefits of a more active life too, so she’s learning to be a Zumba instructor. This is very close to her heart because type 2 diabetes is all too common in the Asian/African/Caribbean community and she wants to encourage people to start living more active healthier lives.

Betty’s advice:

“Work your way up to adding thirty minutes of exercise into your day can have a great effect on the human mind, body and spirit. Taking a walk in the beautiful parks of our great city or dancing in a lively Zumba class can create a feel good energy that will make you want to do more. If you want to live longer, enjoy an active lifestyle, feel good about ourselves and even make friends with people from different cultures and religions, then getting active is a great way to change your life!”