“I find that when I exercise my sense of wellbeing, achievement and motivation is significantly increased, leaving me feeling brighter, fresher and clearer of mind.”

By Debi, 48, from Croxteth, Liverpool





Being active has completely transformed Debi’s life. In the past she was the self-confessed ‘poster girl for being inactive’ and now she’s quite literally a ‘poster girl for being active’!

In the past Debi lived an unhealthy life, which included 20 cigarettes a day an unhealthy diet and not much activity.

As a result, Debi now takes part in activities at home and is doing more now than she’s ever done!. This includes online yoga and exercise classes along with stair walking which she has started to do more often.  Debi sets herself daily activity targets to help maintain her motivation levels. It shows that it doesn’t matter what level you start at, if you believe in yourself you can achieve big things. And like Debi, you might even surprise yourself.

Debi also never felt like running was something she could do, but when a family member suggested trying a run together in her local park, she felt like she had nothing to lose and decided to give it a go.

And what a great decision that was! Since that moment she’s been living a more active life. Debi now runs regularly in her local area with her husband and she loves it! It gives her heart and lungs a good workout and leaves her feeling healthier, stronger and more confident than she ever thought possible.

Debi’s Advice:

“Being active has been a life-changer for me - I feel incredible. If you’re not very active at the moment, start small like walking for 10 minutes in your local area or round the park and set yourself small achievable goals to help with motivation. Being active will not only improve your life, it could extend it too”.