Debi - 10-minute motivations

“You’ll notice the difference – you’ll soon feel much better and it will become a habit you don’t think twice about doing! We have only got one life, make the most of it.”

By Debi, 45, from Croxteth

Its five years since Debi started running – and it has totally changed her life. “The difference between now and then is staggering. I’m fitter, I’m healthier, and I’m happier!”

Debi has added other activities including working out at the gym, swimming, cycling and going for long walks. She has even motivated her husband, who’s also a keen runner now.

Although working full-time on shifts can make fitting it in difficult, she says: “I love running so much I would rather run than not – I feel worse when I don’t. And there are other things you can do when you don’t have lots of time. Every morning when I get up I am active for at least 10 minutes, whether it’s doing a plank or other exercises. There are plenty of 10-minute workouts online, it’s just a question of finding one that suits you. If I do a couple of things before I leave for work I know if life does get in the way, I’ve done something already. If you have a set of stairs in your home, you have a gym right there.”

Activity has now become part of Debi’s life and many of her running mates are now good friends.

She sets herself goals each year whether it’s another running milestone or, even, seeing the sunrise at the top of Snowdon, something being fitter and stronger has enabled her to do.

“Being active has given me a whole new outlook– and probably a few extra years.

Debi’s Advice:

"Give it a go and find something you love, whether it’s running, golf, swimming – or just getting a pedometer and having a competition with a friend to see who can do more footsteps in a week. Everyone can find at least 10 minutes in a day."