Jayne - 10-minute motivations

“By being more active you will feel better in yourself, you’ll be less stressed and you can help prevent ill-health. And…you’ll have fun!”

By Jayne, 32, from Dovecot

Jayne started being more active by dancing with her daughter in her living room. Her activity is a little more structured now, having re-started karate which she’d done when she was younger, but both have helped her to be healthier, more confident and far less stressed.

“And it’s not just that,” says Jayne. “When I’m active I sleep better, my mood is lifted, I’ve got more energy… everything is better!”

As a student nurse, Jayne knows more than most how important it is to stay as healthy as possible and it was this that got her moving again.

 “It’s not easy because, with placements, I work shifts; I’m studying and I’m a mum. But my husband is really supportive and we make it work together. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Being active makes Jayne feel so much better and gives her more energy to do everything – which in turn makes her want to do more.

“I’ll often practice at home – getting excited and kicking cupboard doors shut with a high-kick,” she laughs. “When I can’t get out there are lots of 10-minute fitness videos online that I do, for cardio and strength and, again, I do them in my living room.

“My daughter, Holly, likes to do them with me which is great, we’ll fit them in between TV programmes or before bathtime. And it’s the little things too, we’ll go for walk as a family to the local park.

Jayne's advice:

“If you find something you enjoy, it isn’t a chore and you want to do it. Just get started, do more."