Betty - 10-minute motivations

“My favourite 10-minute exercise is dancing and cleaning my kitchen! I have the radio on and just clean, and if people see me that’s OK, it’s my kitchen, my disco!"

By Betty, 43, from Penny Lane

After struggling with her weight and health, Betty turned her life around through a combination of walking, running and Zumba.

In fact, she loved the classes so much she was training to be an instructor until an Achilles heel injury a year ago forced her to rethink her plans and her exercise routine.

“Having the injury knocked my confidence a bit, and life got busy but I didn’t want to stop being active because it makes me feel much calmer, I sleep much better and I have more energy.

“So I started again with gentle walking, to get the strength back in my Achilles, and I built it up slowly. I wanted to make sure I was active even if it was just for 10 or 15 minutes a day at first.”

 “I thought, if I can take the time to create a business, I need to take the time to improve my health and my wellbeing so I fit it in around my work. If I’m having an admin day I’ll put my rucksack on, I’ll go to the shops and fill it with shopping, or if I need printing done I’ll walk to the library rather than getting the bus.

“I’ve just found alternative ways to fit in exercise without having to make big changes in my daily work routine.”

Exercising with friends has helped Betty stay motivated, although she appreciates the ‘me time’ too, especially running on her own as it gives her time to think.”

As Betty has regained her physical strength after her injury, she’s also regained her confidence.

Betty’s advice:

“I think it’s important for people to look at themselves and ultimately be their own inspiration, everyone’s individual journey will be different. If that’s 10 minutes a day, be proud of that 10 minutes."