"I do karate because it helps me to focus, ease stress and feel more confident.”

By Jayne, 31, from Dovecot, Liverpool

Jayne finds karate really helps with her anxiety, as it makes her feel stronger, more relaxed and in control. She’s also made some great new friends and now has much more belief in herself. 

Jayne was studying to be an adult nurse when she first started being more active. She was really motivated by the belief that she needed to ‘practice what she preached’. After all, as a healthcare professional she knows about the benefits of being active more than most, so it’s something she felt that she really needed to take advantage of.

She started by doing ‘crazy dancing’ with her daughter in her living room, then added some yoga to her routine and now does karate on Sunday mornings at her local sports club. This has really helped Jayne reduce stress, boost her confidence and has given her the energy to be successful in her studies and her career. She’s lost weight and now has a slender, more toned figure too.

Jayne’s also found that being more active has been great for her family life. Her partner is really supportive of her achieving a black belt in karate and her daughter is picking up good habits that will help set her up for a healthy active lifestyle in the future.

Jayne's advice:

“Having children can make finding time to be more active difficult at times, but it can also be a great motivation to be a good role model and be more active together. I always have lots of fun ‘crazy dancing’ in the living room with my daughter and it’s really good for us both.”