“I walk because it fits my lifestyle and helps me look after my grandchildren.”

By Julie, 68, from Garston, Liverpool

Julie started being active by finding ways of fitting more activity around her busy lifestyle and family. This has led to her feeling more energised, stronger and ready for anything.

After experiencing a traumatic road accident, and then being diagnosed with blood cancer, Julie decided she needed to find a way to be more active that fitted her age and lifestyle. She’s also got four energetic granddaughters and one grandson to look after, so she felt she needed to keep fit and active in order to keep up with them.

Julie’s husband Tom, who was also recovering from ill health, joined Julie on her journey to a more active life. She began by building herself up slowly at first by walking through Liverpool’s parks before working her way up to organised walking weekends with friends and joining her local Lifestyles gym.

Now she walks, jogs and does yoga every week, which helps her stay on top of her weight, sleep better and feel more energetic. This makes her feel better about herself and motivates her to stay active.

Julie’s advice:

"Doing small activities are a great place to start. I work one day a week at a college that has 7 floors, so I always try to use the stairs rather than the lift. We also get our friends and family involved in activities as much as we can and if we’re going to the park, we always try to walk rather than using the car. Becoming more active has also improved my wellbeing. I feel more alert and able to cope with my busy lifestyle. I sleep better, so when I wake up in the morning, I feel refreshed and ready to face the day. It’s never too late to start looking after yourself and being more active. You don’t have to set yourself unrealistic goals. Just do small activities, little and often, and you’ll reap the benefits.”